Director of Create Caribbean Inc., Dr Schuyler Esprit is urging the general public to be active contributors in a community based sourcing project or “history harvest” being conducted by her organization.

As part of History Week 2015, Create Caribbean Inc. has partnered with the Cultural Division to create a digital research resource,

In an interview with GIS News on Monday November 9th, Dr. Esprit said the history harvest is critical to sourcing information at the community level.

“To get a bigger and more intimate picture of the community activist elements, we plan to do a history harvest. This begins this week and features personalities from selected communities based on research. Those communities include Mahaut, Grand Bay, Atkinson and Portsmouth. SO far we are beginning by going to those communities and talking to those people whom we have identified based on conversations with historians and other influential people.

“We are inviting the general public who may not have had a big event or political story but who want to talk about their experience growing up during that time. That’s important top the story which we’re trying to tell.”

She invites photographs, old newspapers and memories which will be recorded and digitized at the event.

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